Generation 1 Heir Vote

The tough decision is on you, the readers, to pick who will be the heir and who will find themselves free from under my control.

Option 1

Magnolia Moonbow
Traits: Loner, Neurotic, Couch Potato and Angler
Days till YA: 1

If Magnolia is picked Alexander here will be her husband.

Option 2

Seashell Moonbow
Traits: Handy, Virtuoso, Frugal & Light Sleeper
LTW: Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers (Master Charisma & Guitar)
Days till YA: 4

If Seashell is picked Jared here will be her husband.

Option 3

Snow Moonbow
Traits: Couch Potato, Dramatic, Neat & Genius

If Snow is picked Josiah here will be here husband.

Now it is up to you chose wisely because you only have a week (Nov 23) to decided who will be JOINING Linen in a DOUBLE heir ship. Yes you heard me right Linen will be sticking around! I love her to much to let her leave.


Gen 1.5 – My poor pink flamingos

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great weekend and are ready for a new Moonbow update. This update will be a bit longer than usual as this will be the last update before you guys will get to pick who will move out and who will take over as heir. Are you excited? I know I am! So on with the show….

Lets start off with a Sim check.

Linen is busy playing with her stupid IF doll.

Snow is doing the same thing

Kiana is jumping on the trampoline

Todd is off to get Kiana to woo-hoo in the time machine

And lately Magnolia and Seashell are bonding in the kitchen

Special Linen Moment

I love insane Sims and of course Linen

Time machine woo-hoo

It always makes me nervous when a Sim with NO cooking skill cooks.
Luckily Magnolia did good and didn’t burning anything

Kiana wished to upgrade something so the dishwasher was picked

Maggie has a new past time…. looking out the window for no reason

With the Heir Poll up next I figured it was time to get these girls up some love interests.
Lets hope we get some good feedback.

AAAHHHHH! You little punk leave them alone!

Guess who came home with Sea! Hello Jerad!

While Sea works on finding love, Maggie and Linen work on doing homework.

Seashell gets her first kiss!

Followed by a boyfriend

She also rolled a LTW. I locked it in of course.

Had to 😀

I’m SOOOOO not sorry!
If Seashell wins she will be marrying Jerad here.

Kiana painted a brilliant panting and it is rather interesting at that.

Again Maggie? You need something to keep you busy.

But Maggie was nice enough to pick up the flamingo she kicked over.

So I went to take a picture of Linen persiding of her ‘royal court’ when I happened to catching the face Kiana was making about cooking waffles. Yea I couldn’t pass it up.

This annoys me beyond all belief. Go away and fish elsewhere.

It’s Snow’s birthday!

Snow is much prettier than I expected. She gained the Dramatic trait.

That is one interesting painting you brought home, Todd.

Awe! How sweet you two!

Oh hey look! Maggie brought herself home a man from school!
His name is Alexander.

Maggie flirted it up with Alexander and landed herself a first kiss.

Before we could do anything further Alexander hopped in a cab and left. We will keep trying trust me.

AAAHHHH! Not you too, Sea. My poor pink flamingos.

One skill down two to go.

Kiana gathered quiet a crowd by using the drill.

Look what Kiana found and decided to explore!
Also meet our two new gnomes Richard & Elle.

Oh what a nice time was want to woo-hoo.

Look a family outing!

Todd and Linen’s first order of business is to play soccer.

I cheated a little at this family outing….. the future spouse are here!

Sea spends time with Jared

Snow is talking up a boy named Josiah.
If you can see Kiana is collecting things at the fair ground.

Looks like we have a match!

Magnolia and Alexander are flirting it up!

And I just sit back and watch mico-manage the three couples.

Way to go, Todd.

First kiss for Snow

And Maggie got herself a boyfriend.

Followed by…..

A fiance!

While busy watching the girls Kiana decides to enter a hotdog eating contest. Unfortunately she didn’t win and the family all goes home for….

Linen’s birthday!

Linen is now handy.

Look at them all together! Generation 1 is now all teenagers.

So now it is up to you to pick the first heir. Oh I hate to be you guys.

I will end this update here and the next post will contain the heir poll along with a special announcement!
Hope y’all have a great day and good luck making a choice between these girls!

Gen 1.4 – Awesome Parking Job!

First off I would like to apologizes for the lack of updates but October was a crazy month. My little man turned three and of course this momma had to throw a party. Then we attended my cousins wedding leading us to get lost on the way to the reception, also learned my little sister gives directions as well as I do. Lastly Halloween arrived and I took on the task of making my daughters costume, she was a baby deer and little man was the hunter, which wouldn’t you know it was very interesting. I had no clue you can’t buy a PLAIN brown onsie so I ended up learning how to dye fabric and make a tutu.

So see I had a pretty good reason to be away. I will warn you know that December will be just as bad, we make cookie trays, and will try to get out as many updates this month as possible. So without further-ado lets get this update started there isn’t much and this was played back at the beginning of October so I really don’t remember all that happened.

We will tart off with some love for my gnomes. I love these guys which kills me because in RL the scare me.

Oh look it is Linen’s birthday and daddy Todd takes her to the cake.

No sooner did she start to blow out the candles….

And Todd & Kiana leave for a free vacation.
I clicked allow thinking Linen would age up before they left and well

That didn’t happen Todd put her on the floor and she cried and never aged up. =sigh=

She got stuck too and no one could get her and I could get her to do anything not even age so I reset her and triggered ageing on her pesty butt.

She is super pretty!
Linen is now Insane, Perfectionist & Clumsy.

Her first order of business is to play with the toy maker.

Awesome toy.

I don’t remember who Seashell was calling but she has some mad skill at using the phone in her wrist.

Hey you! Don’t kick my flamingos over you little turd!

If you can’t tell she is very proud of herself.
I made her the flamingo back up after this.

I had no idea there were bats in the game that live under the trampoline!
Look Gnomes!

And they had a baby!
This is the very first time I’ve ever had gnomes have a baby!
I was so excited but I don’t remember what I named him.

They look like they are so in love!

Linen keeps wishing to learn the fishing skill and she always does it while looking out the window.

So I built her a pond.

Which she immediately uses.
If you are wondering why I am so focused on Linen it is because I try not to control everyone and she seems to be the only one that does anything. Everyone else just stands around or takes care of themselves, meaning the do nothing interesting.
Plus Linen is AWESOME!

Linen caught a minnow.

Magnolia decides to do some laundry.

Snow paints.

And Seashell plays music.
They must have realized I though they were boring.

And then prom arrives.
Awesome parking job!

Magnolia and Seashell head off to Prom.

They got into the limo went a few feet the girls then got out and ran.
There is a house between theirs and the school.

While the elder girls are gone Linen decides to make a muffin in her PJs.

And Snow makes a muffin in her jammies too.

Prom was a bust, I never even got a single pop-up.
The girls came home with Prom pics and I figured it was a good time as any to hang up them and the family photo they got got.

Hey! Look! Kiana and Todd are home from their vacation.

Kiana had her adult birthday while gone and didn’t start a midlife crisis.

Well that is all I have for now. Hope y’all have a great day!

Gen 1.3 – Man-tails!

Sorry for the delay I started this post 3 days ago and realized that I didn’t have The Sims 3 open to give the information I needed, I never right things down I always end up losing it. There should be one more update after this one before an heir poll so get to thinking of your favorite Moonbow because one of the three girls, Linen not included since she is Todd’s child, will be starting a new life and a new generation very soon!

Any ways lets get on with the post. Last time many odd glitches happened, story of my games life, and the Moonbow’s got a brand spankin’ new home with room to move around! We also got our first set of Gnomes which I’m super excited about! With that said, on with the update!

This update starts out with some Linen cuteness.

Even though her voice creeps me out I got to say I just LOVE Linen!

Snow couldn’t let Linen get the only cute face time so… SNOW!

Guess what it’s a triple birthday! Who is aging up you ask?

Todd for one!

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! MAN-TAILS! *Dies* You have no idea how hard I laughed when he aged up!

After a quick trip to CAS he looks much better. Todd aged up well if you ask me, but because of the Man-tails, hahaha, he started a midlife crisis.

Seashell was up next.

Seashell is so pretty! I love that she got Kiana’s skin. I LOVE freckles! She is now handy.

And lastly it is Snow’s turn.

Man Kiana & Todd make cute kids! Snow gains the Neat trait.

A rare site here! Three Moonbows eating together, usually I only get two at a time at the table.

OMSG! Kiana you were just sitting down! Why did you get off the TOILET just to wet yourself? Huh? Frustrating.

Only took this to show off how BA Todd looks in his work cloths. Love the goggles!

I don’t have a clue why I took this but I think Todd was being a big (over emotional) baby.

Anonymous homework doing.

Look who followed one of the girls home! This is Jerad Winchester-Sung and he is a keeper!

Seashell is the first get get her homework done so she gets to try her hand at him first.

They talk some and even though Sea looks a bit like a crazy woman Jerad seems way into her so….

We consider attrativeness and get heart-farts under the watchful eye of Georgio.

Potential spouse for Sea has been picked.

Alright now which of you three did this?

Todd of course!
I’m so glad this is not my ISBI.

Dude, I though you went home. You told Sea you had to go yet you stayed.

See everyone in the house is asleep and Jerad here is making himself at home…

At the bar. Alright if Sea wins you can have all this stuff just leave! He did finally but it was like 4am.

Kiana has the Stir-Crazy moodlet so a family outing is in order.

We had to the festival grounds, not everyone was happy to go. (Had to drop one in I had no idea this town didn’t have one.)

Magnolia & Seashell both rolled wishes to play horseshoes with another Sim so they did this activity together.

Todd and Kiana tested their love. The faces they made during this were so priceless.

Linen played with her Bunny.

No where oh where could Snow be? Oh, she is wished to get her face painted and got stuck in the booth. She was literately in there almost the entire trip.

I had to reset her home and didn’t get her face painted, poor dear.

It wasn’t all bad she got to get cake before everyone came home and it was a mad house to the fridge.

We will end this update with the Hotdog babysitter! He is sooo awesome! He didn’t stay long, never made it into the house, because just as he got to the door the family got out of the taxi.

That is all I have for now so toddles everyone.

P.S. If you comment and I don’t get back to you, like last update, the WordPress app on my tablet is on the brink. I love the comments from everyone but I don’t get any notifications from the app. I don’t see anything till I get back on the computer or open WordPress in the tablet’s browser.

Gen 1.2 Oddities & A New House

Hello everyone tuning in to the new update of the Moonbow’s. Guess who spent a good part of her kidfree weekend playing her Sims? Huh? Any guesses? THIS GIRL! And you know what else? I have enough for another update and a half which I hope to get out as soon as possible. Alright lets get started. Last time on the Moonbows *looks back to last update that refused to load….* Ah, well never mind we will just get on with it.

How about a Sim check?

Looks like little miss Seashell has took it upon herself to clean up the papers. We were back to where the paper kids didn’t like us.

Magnolia is working on a painting.

Todd has his butt parked in front of the TV.

Kiana and Linen are together doing what I don’t remember.

Where is Snow you ask?

I think she is playing blocks or is supposed to be…

Awww the Snowman Army has died 😦 but do you know what that means? Spring is here!

Ummm… Kiana I don’t think you are doing that right.

Ah there you go.

Guess who found the toy oven! So proud and she didn’t even burn it!

Magnolia finishes her first ever painting. Nice fruit, I think.

How is it there can be so many oddities happening in a single update?

The Aliens are back! Who will they take this time?

Maggie of course!

So that was a bust. Maggie made a big I’m scared face then refused to go leaving her abductor to pop out of the ship and onto the sidewalk.

Block table time! So cute.

And this is when I got tired of the cramped house and built them a new one.

Tour in…

So here is the floor plan very open and plenty of room to move around in unlike before.

Living Room


Bedroom 1 – Has two sets of bunk beds

Rec Room

Kiana & Todd’s Bedroom

Bathroom 1


Bathroom 2

Bedroom 2 – Has two sets of bunk beds – currently the girl’s room

There is one other bedroom but it is empty till an heir is chosen.

Oh! I can’t forget we have gnomes! Anderson (Sleeping) and Georgio (Robot). I didn’t pick their names it was just the first things that showed up.

So lets see how the family likes their new home shall we?

First thing on Todd’s mind is to work out.

Kiana plays with the toy machine.

Maggie invents

Looks like now Kiana & Seashell have decided to paint.

Huh, it looks like I forgot to get a pictures of what Linen was doing. I guess it wasn’t important.

I really enjoy the relationship these two have if they can be near each other they are.

What the heck!?!? Kiana had just picked Linen up to put her to bed, canceled the interaction, put Linen back on the floor just so she could pass out. After which she woke up and started screaming….

Waking up both Mag & Sea who happen to be two doors down from the nursery.

In the midst of all the Linen hate we get this pop up for Todd.
We choose thief because he rolled a wish for such a while back.

I just enjoy what is wrote. Tick. Tock. Tick… BOOM!

How about we end this update with a very common Townie glitch. I had to reset the poor toddler.

I hope you enjoyed the update will try to get the other out soon but Mommy duties call. Toodles!

No Play = No Update

This week’s update has been put on hold to no play time. The week has been crazy with house guests, my all time favorite *rolls eyes*, sick grumpy little ones, one that refuses to sleep at all,  and insomnia,  oh joy, leaving me no time to do anything on the computer. I will say one good thing came of it all I started to get caught up on my reading, currently trying to catch up on The Zale’s and The Winter’s. But you know what? It is the weekend and the little ones will be the grandparent’s problem for a few days leaving this momma some alone time, sorta, to play! Yay I’m so excited! With that said I shall leave you all with some cute pictures of the ones that take up all my time.





No Play = No Update

This week’s update has been put on hold to no play time. The week has been crazy with house guests, my all time favorite *rolls eyes*, sick grumpy little ones, one that refuses to sleep at all,  and insomnia,  oh joy, leaving me no time to do anything on the computer. I will say one good thing came of it all I started to get caught up on my reading, currently trying to catch up on The Zale’s and The Winter’s. But you know what? It is the weekend and the little ones will be the grandparent’s problem for a few days leaving this momma some alone time, sorta, to play! Yay I’m so excited! With that said I shall leave you all with some cute pictures of the ones that take up all my time.